A Moment of Silence

This entry is more of a personal note, written (typed) down for you to read. Thoughts that run through my head in terms of personal history, so bare with me… if you will. Im going to need a moment of silence. (long entry)

After months of solitude, trying to do things right in my personal life I’ve came to the resolution: I am damaged; or I feel that I am, or maybe I’ve built up an impeccable wall. I’m not sure exactly, but I will explain it in further detail. So right now as we speak, my friends and I are having our annual DCAD reunion (in which a group of us from the same college, meet yearly at one designated location to rekindle, reflect and inform each other of their lives since graduation) in my place in New Jersey. I’ve so far, enjoyed their company… but in bringing them here, it gave me reminiscence of past Delaware experiences. Relationship experiences per say.