The temperature in this room continues to rise,
Im flustered and bothered–this is no surprise.

Come to me now and press against my chest,
Feel the heat from my head–and tenderness of my breast.

So sudden this heat has taken over my body,
I cry out for help–and the attention of somebody.

I cough as I attempt to verbalize my thoughts,
I feel pressure upon my throat–and the incline of a loft.

As I lay alone still yearning for his touch,
The rubbing of such forces–intense feeling of this rush.

I leave this quilt alone and push it far from the bed,
Let me breathe this disturbed air–so much room left to spread.

This is the last straw as I strip layer by layer,
Your prayers may be heard–but someone please save her.

You enter the room and apply the pressure to my head,
You lean myself back–to expose all of the red.

It is clinching inside and you have the medication,
You place it inside–and does without hesitation.

I open my eyes to this was a surprise,
To be rescued so sudden–to be answered by such cries.

No need for more yearning the dosage had played its part,
Feeling so relieved–you’ve literally touched my heart.

And as the heat escapes my body I’ve been lead to this resolution,
I’m talking about a fever–so you can draw you’re own conclusion.

-Public Interpretation

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