Damned If We Do

Is it awkwardness that I currently feel?
Or loneliness that we currently deal?
A heart that aches as if we died long ago,
But within me lays a part of your soul.

Crying to me cause I am crying for you,
A disease both shared right after the flu.
Circumstance the reason–oh what a large tool,
Altering behavior to act like mere fools.

Letting go of things we truly love the most,
Dissecting remainders of freshly burned toast.
Whats left in the end when we’ve all been devoured,
One chance we missed since we are both cowards.

We’re damned if we’re do and damned if we don’t,
Our silence speaks volumes when the words simply won’t.

Eighty days when we’ve realized what we have done,
Eighty to loose a battle we thought we had won.


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