Stop What Your Doing and Embrace What Your Doing (A Useful Rant)

Just a moment ago, I awoke to the humming sounds of an engine with the views of the world passing by. Olive, lime and muted tones of landscape that disappear as quickly as they appear as I proceed along the highway. This is pure, uninterrupted nature: one without the music, without pedestrians, without the deadlines or bills or people to account for. Right now in this moment I am at peace. My conscious…along with my heart, my mind and my spirit are completely aligned. 


They say that all we truly seek in life is happiness. But what if what we seek isn’t a temporary emotional condition-yet a permanent state of the mind, body and soul? What if the purpose of life is to simply be at peace?

Peace, as in the ability to fully appreciate all that we are doing. To acknowledge that we are blessed to even be doing it. To literally stop and smell the daisies. To be aware that we are here, and that we exist to exist. To dismiss the worries of a future and the accidents of our past. To accept that the universe has placed us where we are (right NOW) for a reason. Not to compare ourselves to the next man, but to realize that we are where we are because it is simply MEANT to be that way.

You don’t have to be the richest person in the world to feel this. If you’re at a state of internal pandemonium, no matter the extent, take time out of your schedule and be alone. Take a bus to a neighboring town, or take a long walk by yourself. And in the duration of that walk sit and talk to yourself (it’s not crazy, it’s moreso therapeutic). Get in touch with that inner divine spirit that we all possess. Let our physical bodies tap into that subconscious and fully digest that energy. Just stop what you are doing and embrace what you are doing. It just might be the beginning to the wake-up call you needed.

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9 thoughts on “Stop What Your Doing and Embrace What Your Doing (A Useful Rant)

  1. I like this 🙂 I think that pause to reflect males a really big difference. It definitely puts me at peace. Being able to separate from the hum of daily life, even just for a minute, makes getting back into that hum much easier.

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  2. Its some clearly stated realism you have expressed in this post. I know this that you have written already as apart of my process of living out my existence. But even though I achieve the same things through very similar ways. I still gained from reading this. Not because it taught me anything or because it validated my own quest for living peacefully. But because I gained out of the fact that you are not exaggerating the effect simplicity has on you in the act of just existing seperatly from the fabricated reality people live in. The reality most live is one that require seperation from actuality causing assumptions an harshly imposed expectations have validity to the people who accept the deceptive nature of their illusions. So when I see that their is an individual who has seen beyond the Vail, an has gained peace an realization from seeing true reality. Then i also feel the peace they found. Especially when they discovered a process that can take them back to truth when they need it. Because its not likely to be forgotten. Which means others will discover this because its part of the persons nature after that. So others around that person will sense that nature an will want to accomplish something that gives them similar qualities. So those people who feel that way will set out on their own road of discovery. So I gain to know that you have gained. Meaning we are sharing that realization. Strengthening our appreciation so it radiates these qualities everywhere we go an have been. Truth, peace, an compassion. If those are ever experienced in a person in the true nature of existence it will spread in all directions from the source being sharing its radiance. Truth spreads like ripples on the water . An those ripples are boundless an stretch beyond time. Finding peace an attaining a realized state is changing the world. It will continue its growth an it will never die. Not in the spiritual or physical realities. It is as I said, it is boundless.

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    1. Wow. First off, thank you for reading and commenting. My apologies for the delay in a follow up. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to have when you hear another person speak of this ‘clarity?’ The positivity bursting out at its seams, being absorbed by another spectator alike. I am more than happy that you’ve experienced something much like I, and I agree wholeheartedly about feeling that energy from others when they realize the same thing “Truth, peace and compassion.” I couldn’t agree more with those words. What better people/species we’d be if we all flourished in this belief… sigh. I’ll be taking moments of peace more often for the next few months, just an act of solidifying my ‘awareness…’ but I’m all towards spiritual enlightenment, and finding my true purpose. Have you found yours yet? Or is it a continuous journey? Thanks again, I loved reading this…


      1. I would say I have discovered my purpose. But every person that has any amount of realistic perception of life knows deep down what their purpose is. An also I’d say that everyone has two purposes. They have the purpose that of finding a unique process within either an already established system or one you discover an create on your own through help of some outside guidance or influence that serves humans to discovering the fact that there is possibility for a person to attaining completion of self, an that life isn’t hopeless, an isn’t so miserable an that its actually a valuable thing to love. be it religion, living a specific life style, or joining some sort spiritual/support group. Personally I believe in god. I don’t wanna tell u that god is the purpose I’m referring to an you think I’m telling u without god its hopeless because that’s not fair. Especially since I believe in god. A person is less likely to realize god by being told their hopeless by a person who believe in god.
        Anyway the discovery of the journey of this process one may take is when the second purpose gets discovered. An reaching some respective level of completion/realization is needed for people to actually startting the 2nd purpose and for one to effectively act on the purpose appropriately. An also the 2nd purpose is never fully reached.
        The second purpose is applied to everyone. That purpose is finding a way to uniquely express to other people so that it helps other grow an Finding a way to invest into the well being of everything.
        Not being careless an destructive to things or any thing negative that is expressed or inflicted on other people an their environment for, the sake of acting out their emotions . These things are what prevents the second purpose from effectivly being acted on. An also keeps growth in the first purpose from happening.
        Because the first purpose is for discovering what it takes to be whole. an what things n the human beavior that prevents you or limits you an others ability to grow.
        But if their is patience an its realized that the things the first purpose shows that compassion, diligence, unique expression,an openness. These things are what lead to the true involvement of the 2nd purpose. An nothing has to be specifically achieved or accomplished outside of the effect our interactions cause. so long as others are inspired or find value in your interactions.
        It doesn’t matter how its done so long as the quality is left behind.

        So the individual purpose is to discover your values an diminish your negative nature so that the second purpose can be effectively acted on . That purpose is becoming involved with everything honestly. As long as you apply yourself with unique talents and expression after shedding the ego nature that limits our chances to create connection to realize that life is value. Thus leading u to realization . purpose is spreading purpose in sharing the value through higher communication. An investment of spreading realization by interacting in selfless ways to bring value to the experience. Expressing with the intention of sharing quality. Simply involving ones self with diligent action. That is the purpose all people have.
        1)Discover a process that sheds ego an builds realization.
        2)When ego has been been quelled in a realized self. Then invest the self to
        The growth an quality of this world. dedicated to bringing Value in all things.

        Seems to me if life is either good or bad acording to the person.but if its possible to live in peace. An that is a shared want or need. Then finding a way to live complete is a purpose specific to humans due to those
        Who reach a certain level of that purpose have a responsibility. Because diminished ego with a realized perception that brings a person on the verge of experiencing that state of peace then involve yourself with humanity an share these qualities an show them this value . If I reach enlightened peace an keep it for just me an don’t serve the purpose of bringing others along to experiance peace an let it improve the overall state of things by simply expressing interactivity. If I didn’t then whats it mean.

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  3. I think what you’re beginning to do here is tap into that deeper subconscious. Taking a step back and finding the true value of life and its essence. All and all, its not about what status you thrive or what is yet to become of yourself…. but its about recognizing your existence, and that you are: here. This was definitely a great read and a reminder to even myself…

    Let everything take its place

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    1. Thank you Joseph. I only hope that I can continue to increase my awareness of life, and do a bit more of self-reflection. I’m still on the path of finding my purpose, but I know it is beyond anything this physical establishment has to offer. Right now… in the ‘now’ we are doing what we must to survive.


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