In the Name of Human Nature

If the image above draws out some level of discomfort; you are not alone. To give a quick summary, a feminist/artist by the name of Rupi Kaur posted images of her menstruation cycle on Instagram in the name of ‘human nature‘ to which was immediately deleted from her profile. After many disputes, Instagram later apologizes to the artist and reinstated this image back onto her account (read more on Cosmopolitan).

What is most troublesome to me are not the literal photos of menstruation, but the reasoning for displaying such photos to begin with. If images such as these are acceptable in the name of human nature (and feminism), whats to stop a male from posting his nocturnal emissions and semen stains on his boxers? As a matter of fact, whats to stop him from posting stains of his semen throughout his entire apartment (on his walls, his sheets, in the sink, on a notebook) and state, “I produce semen to prolong the human race.” Why shouldn’t men bare the right to display his erections through his clothes in the name of human nature?

To what extent can we, as society, take images such as these and claim that they are appropriate? Whose to say that these images are necessarily inappropriate? I’m assuming there must be a balance because practically everything we come to encounter sexually is solely due to our physical existence as a human species… so I am very uncertain as to her legitimate rationale behind this, or her follower’s thus behind. I DO respect her as an artist and her right to express herself as one… but this to me is something that should be appropriate for mature audiences.

I do not believe that Instagram should have apologized to this artist for blocking her image, nor do I believe their act of reinstating it. In fact–now that they have publicly expressed their sentiments, they are unintentionally allowing us to continue posting such images with the excuse of such claims. I mean, what’s to stop us now?

In anycase, I’d really love to hear your thoughts/takes on this. Do you think Kaur’s points are valid? To what degree do you believe people have the right to post images of natural occurrences in the human body?

2 thoughts on “In the Name of Human Nature

  1. None of her points are valid. Just another feminist who wants praise and recognition for an occurrence she cannot control.


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