The Complexities of Morale (Part I)

It has never become a surprise to those who know me, to be a questionable individual when it comes to the comparison of religion to logic. Its practically a similar scenario as it is science to religion. Nevertheless this entry is based on my perspective of life, intellect, love and faith. There is a reason as to why we must not only acknowledge such concepts, but maintain a proper understanding of its purpose. Not only that, but most IMPORTANTLY to remind ourselves on a daily basis of these understandings in order to live a fruitful and harmonious life.

Yes, I am rusty, but I am back to writing!

Logical Life.

Now I’ve discussed life in many entries (ones dated back in 2010) I’ve written in the past. That frame of mind has not changed. My belief is as it stands: That the purpose of life is to flourish as much as possible in this physical state, to positively reach a personal goal. We make our mark here in order to provide for future offspring, and to live comfortably by all means. This is, of course, dismissing any religious beliefs. It is gained through experience and logic, that we live to die. What we do NOW determines our level of comfort and happiness before death.

.vs Religious Life.

I’ve had many discussions with individuals who revolve around the church. This religion I will compare is Christianity. This subject is particularly sensitive, so I will do my best in presenting my perspective without being offensive by any means. It is not my intentions to do so.

Now there’s this belief that there is life after death, and that our spirit flourishes in another realm that is determined on Judgement Day. On this day you will be sentenced by God and his son–pending the physical life you lived on Earth. So all in all, they take your entire life’s work: Inspect your decisions, analyze your sins, etc. in order to determine where you will live for eternity. This is your forever.

And no, this is not similar to Judge Judy, or Divorce Court. This decision does not require witnesses nor an explanation. As a matter of fact, this decision is made at a fraction of a second. And whether you are blessed to live happily, or condemned to dwell in pain… it is not diplomatic. God sees nothing but what is given.

And to be honest, it intimidates me.

I’m somewhat baffled by individuals who state that He loves all and forgives all, yet in the end he will sentence you by the mistakes and decisions you’ve made. Is that really forgiving in the end? Why is it that to obtain His forgiveness requires steps–yet, we as individuals are taught to forgive unconditionally; regardless of the situation it involved. Those who have scarred us, damaged us, or abandoned us must be forgiven even without question. And we do it at a whim, you wouldn’t have to ask. Because we as humans, acknowledge our faults, our mistakes. We know we will make them, thats why its so easy to forgive and let go.

As for forgiveness of the divine, you must proclaim and surrender yourself to him (not that it is a bad thing), you must confess your sins (although he is quite aware), you must attended church and devote yourself, you must live the way of life as he sees and NEVER make that mistake again. If you do not do this, with your heart… you are dismissed. What happens to forgiveness in knowing that we are only human?

I was told several times by several members that you could be the nicest person in the world, but if you don’t surrender to God… you will be condemned.

That is by far, the most unfair statement I have ever heard in my entire life. One who lives his or her life in a positive light MUST submit to Him, or else that life means nothing. I do not understand why that person deserves to live in pain, because of a Religion he/she might not be aware of, or for something he/she could not do? Surrender?

I’ve been wanting to follow a church, go to bible study and do all the above… for many years now. I have faith in Him, I believe in him…. but there’s this thing you must do to join the church that I will forever be reluctant to do: Surrender. To my understanding, in order to be holy you must live the holy life and abide to the rules. It is not that I am not willing to surrender to him, but how can I claim to never make the mistake again… when I know that I am able to?

Then if/when I so happen to make that mistake again, will I be one of the members of the church who’ll ask for forgiveness every Sunday? Then make that mistake again and again? Do I even deserve forgiveness? (No) This I feel is extremely hypocritical… and those who live this way of life, are as well. I am not one to play with commitment, especially when it comes to the divine. I will never falter to him, that to me–is the ultimate sin. I must know I will never make the mistake, and due to me knowing that there is a possibility I may falter– I will not subject.

Is that wrong? Is it fair that I choose to live a positive life-style, but due to the fear of commitment that I am condemned? I guess this is more of an unanswered question rather than an understanding of the church. But nevertheless, religion is a series of questions with dated answers.

All and All:

Life Life as we know it is a series of events we endure to live comfortably on this planet. This dualistic principle of the spirit and the flesh has been created to give us hope. The hope that after death we continue to flourish in another form. Is this a fact? Do we actually know? No, but we do BELIEVE this is so. This belief should be implemented into the lives of all. Regardless of religion, they all revolve around a higher power. Our obligation as humans is to achieve that ultimate happiness, and to live through that higher power’s eyes. He is of love, we must live of love. Life is a blessing, and not a requirement. We are in fact, placed here for a purpose. Live life with him at our sides, and walk with him as we make our decisions.

Sure we progress at our own pace, but do so in positivity. With every decision we make, and every moment we share… make sure that it is of progression, and that THAT particular progression leads us to eternal happiness and love. Hopefully, regardless of your religious view, he will grant you to the promise land by living in positive light. That is our purpose of existence.

(Part II: Love and Religious Love)

2 thoughts on “The Complexities of Morale (Part I)

  1. I certainly don’t have all the answers, no one does. I think though that some of your assertions here are wrong.
    Such as you can never make the same mistake again…that is most certainly untrue.
    This is a pretty complex subject. Keep in mind here that while being good is not enough to obtain eternal life with God, this same God sent His own Son to us to die…so that we may have forgiveness of sin. Jesus died for our sins willingly, no one made Him do it. Jesus was both God and man at the same time…the perfect sacrifice for our sins. All sin has been paid for by Christ’s sacrifice, but you and I have to accept His forgiveness, by confessing our sins to Him.

    It is not that you can’t ever make the same mistake again, you will surely be forgiven the same mistake (sin) if you ask God through Jesus to forgive you.
    Rather the idea here is that in a life lived for Jesus the person who is saved, (has eternal life) their life is not characterized by sin anymore, but by the fact that this person sins less. Not a cessation of sin, but a lessening of it. As we grow in our love for God, we become more aware of our sinfulness, and desire to sin less, and live a life that pleases Him.

    God may seem hard, but remember that God the Father sent His own Son here to die for us. God decides what is sin, but then God also came here and willingly paid OUR penalty (death) for our sins. When Jesus was on the cross, the Father turned His back on Jesus. Jesus who was sinless and perfect though He was a man…as well as God, became sin. Jesus paid the debt owed to the Father with His suffering and death on the cross.

    God never expects you or anyone else to be perfect. He does expect you to try, to live a good life for Him, and to do the things He wants you to do. We are here to glorify God in all we do. Remember that in the end…we shall live with God forever. Sounds pretty good to me.

    In the end, people will stand before God to be judged, actually Jesus will judge. If you are one of His…you will NOT be part of this judgement. This judgement is for unbelievers. You as a believer in Christ will be judged on what you did, or did not do for God while here. Did you witness? Did you help the poor? Did you teach ETC.

    You need not submit in a controlling way to a church. The real submission is to Christ. Live the way He tells you, do as He wants you to do.

    As far as others go…the two most important commandments are to first love God with everything you have…and then love all other people as yourself. If you really treat others with love, you will not do anything to harm them in any way and will therefore keep yourself from sin.

    How do you do all this? Accept Christ as Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit lives within you. Living the way God wants you to is freedom, not a chain around your neck. So many live life even with many things they want, but yet are unhappy and feel empty. This is because they do not know God.

    If you are really sorry for what you have done, God forgives. At the same time if people choose of their own free will not to accept God’s offer of forgiveness, God can’t be blamed for that.

    As for not knowing Him, we all know within ourselves what is right and what is wrong…our conscience. This conscience is from God.

    Food for thought for you. If you have questions I would be happy to try to answer them. You can find me here…

    God bless


  2. Well hello there @writinggomer. First off my apologies for responding months on end, but I have not written in quite sometime, nor did I believe anyone would read this and take the time out, as you have, to respond thoroughly. THANK YOU.

    Thank you for interpreting and explaining all of which I’ve noted, and for doing so without judgement or bias. I appreciate it, extremely! You’ve actually given me some clarity and perspective, especially on the topic of confessing all to God.

    I’ve always had that trouble, even now. But in saying that he does not expect perfection from you, but he DOES expect you to try… that made complete sense to me.

    We are all born of sin, due to Adam and Eve’s initial one, so sending Jesus to Earth to eliminate our sins is understandable. I believe that the sin Jesus died for was the sin beyond our conception, even… in that we in some way are bound to make another (unintentionally, of course) throughout our course in life.

    It is very hard for me to ask for forgiveness because all and all: I don’t deserve it. For I am completely aware of every act I condone and participate in. I feel that if you knowingly do something wrong, the only way through true forgiveness is to never do it again, or at least make that an effort. Its like: You do something wrong, you pay for it. That I know. That I have come to terms in understanding, but I’ve always been an individual that uses thought over anything.

    That’s where the problem lies.

    Thanks again for your feedback. I appreciate it, fully.


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