My Definition of Life

What is the meaning of life? Why is it that we put so much emphasis…so much focus on NOW, when in death those sacrifices  we’ve made, the pain we’ve endured, and all of that hard work… goes in vain?

((Linkin Park’s “In the End “–Listen lyrically, before reading))

I applaud Linkin Park for their artistry and their ability to express the thoughts of a troubled mind ((Download Hybrid Theory)). I’m usually not the person to listen to Heavy Metal or Rock due to the fact that they embrace lyrics of negativity–but all in all, they do have defintion to their songs, and they do have purpose (more than todays Rap music anyway).

Many of us have moments of self-doubt and curiousity of the future:  Am I doing the right thing? Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life? This is practical, and thus is of little concern. However, questioning the purpose of exsistence is an ENTRIELY DIFFERENT LEVEL. Such thoughts are expected from suicidal individuals. “In the End” expresses the thoughts of a person who’s fed up with life itself :

This song is a sign of defeat and mental instability.

There is no second thoughts about it. To walk around thinking that ultimately, whatever it is you do amounts to nothing… thats a sign of depression, instibility and defeat. Serial killers, murderers, and all kinds of criminals have this belief in mind. If you feel this way, you are from the ‘jump’ condeming yourself to a negative way of life; blockading any amount of happiness you are able receive. THE MORE you think negative, the more negative things that will occur. Only when you exclude yourself from that negativity: from the bad friends, the drugs and reckless way of living… only then will things return in your favor. This is not immideate, I don’t want you to think “oh so I’ve stopped doing Heroin for two months, so where’s my fortune?” happiness is an element that is grasped over TIME. But anyway, with the question:

What is the meaning of life?

Life….ultimtaely: is the ability to flourish in the current physical world. It is the journey of trial and error in order to reach a positive personal goal. With the absence of religious viewpoints, we live to make a mark in personal history and to build a way for future offspring. (Eh, that sounds kinda bland, right?). Ha, but seroiusly…we live to persue happiness and to obtain love.

Are we not born from love? Since birth, we are loved. Have you eve seen an angry infant? The first expression babies express is happiness.  Without happiness, wthout love….we are lifeless, we are depressed and we have no care for anything thats physical/present. We cannot live without happiness, we cannot live without love. Come to think about it: rapists, serial killers, murderers, etc… they are who they are because of the absence of happiness and love in their life. An individual needs both to aquire a positive lifestyle.

Yes, I agree… as dark as it sounds, we live to die. From molecules we were created, and in that same aspect we will return–BUT as we are living and breathing, we must do all that we can to savor and enjoy life. I mean,  how do you feel when you are happy? How does it feel to love or be loved? It feels amazing, doesnt it?

It is when we are happy or when we are loved-do we strive to MAINTAIN that happiness, that kinship, or that love. We live to be happy.

Anything and everything that comes in between are obsticles blocking us from achieving that happiness and love. For examples: Jobs- we need a good income so that we CAN live a happylife. Education– we need a level of understandning to communicate with others, so we may love one another. Friends/Family- care for us, love us.  Our Selves- we must maintain a level of self-esteem in order to be happy. Point being, everything leads to living happily.

Not to get religious, but I will. Jesus is taught to be of Love. He was a physical respresentation of God, who is brought to teach us that ultimately love is the way. God is love. Jesusu is love. We are love. Point BLANK. Why do they call it spiritual enlightnment? Why is it that when you are touched by God, you are at the pinnicle of ecstacy? It is happieness that we strive for.

Of course, this is one aspect of life. I will be writing on this again. But below is a link to an Episode of House, to which briefly discusses life and death. There are several points pointed out throughout this episode, so watch and enjoy!

House- 97 Seconds

4 thoughts on “My Definition of Life

  1. I enjoyed this post and the music! But umm why don’t you listen to metal or rock…don’t discriminate or generalize man. There are a lot of dope metal & rock songs! I gotta put u on lmao

    I also gotta add:
    There are so many different definitions of life that it becomes very challenging to express an uniform interpretation. What we experience as humans and our overall knowledge/comprehension of life is only due to our minute existence here on earth. We will never be able to fully understand what we do not control. My own personal religion aside, we can only merely do our best to take things a day at a time. Your definition of life is stated as “the ability to flourish in the current physical world”. The choice of the word ABILITY makes a statement of it’s own. *the capacity to do something **a level of mental power/ a special talent and/or skill, etc, etc. I personally do not believe everyone has the “ability” to flourish in the current physical world (especially at all times), because if that were the case, would life be worth living?! Furthermore, if and when we lack this ability are we essentially “dead”?!
    I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes sign of defeat and mental instability can be a fundamental part of life. Why is it the most difficult parts of our lives sometimes effect us and stays imprinted in our memories more than the happy ones?! Why is it that even after finding happiness and love we find it can never be 100% 24hrs 7days a week?! My point is We EVOLVE…a constant state of the good, bad, and ugly. We do the best or the worst that we can because we don’t have all the answers and we never will. There’s no uniform definition of life…we’re just lost in the sauce. haha but I don’t mind. I really don’t have a choice if you really want to get into it.


    1. I agree, the complexities of life and he meaning of existence itself is hard to express. No one will fully understand it’s meaning. My definition of life, using the word “ability” simply means our life. As long as we have a heartbeat, we have the ability to “flourish.” an inability to do such, simply means we cease to exist. Taking it a day at a time is of course the best resolution. there’s a multitiude of areas we can discuss when concerining exsistence, but fact is…if we didn’t strive to be happy or live comfortably. What else isthere to strive for?


      1. I apologize, I did not read to the exntent of your comment. But I concur with mental instabilty. There are episodes of confusion, question and doubt that are necessary for judgement and the building of character. Mind you I use he term, “episode.” Thinking this way on A regular basis or constantly dealing with doubt is an unstable way of life. There is no uniform definition, we will never know what the meanin of life is. But as we are here, we haveto make the most of our existence.


  2. ok now we’re on the same page. You scared me for a minute homie. lmao damn we need to have these discussions in person in a large group debate instead of getting so damn drunk every time we kick it! SMH


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